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Welcome! I’m Jenna and it is my hope that this little corner of the world is a place full of openness and honesty for sharing, inspiration and growth.

My goal is to create a well-being community full of acceptance and love for anyone struggling or needing the support of others in their journey to take care of their mind, body and spirit. 

We all deserve a life where we can show up for ourselves authentically, embodying self-love and acceptance so that we can be present for the people that we love and open to celebrate the gift of each day. It is my passion to pursue this in my own life and my desire to help others achieve it as well!


A crucial part of community is being vulnerable with one another. Sharing our stories openly and without fear of rejection is one way to do that. So to get the ball rolling I thought I would give you some context on why I chose to become a wellness coach.

I have battled with a self diagnosed eating disorder for my entire life. As a consequence of this, I have devoted an inordinate amount of timing and energy consumed with dieting. I have gained and lost the same weight more times than I care to admit. Since the age of 14, the scale has been how I determined my value, self worth and acceptance in the world.

Food is my comfort zone and also my greatest source of discomfort. It's been my way to cope and deal with anything that makes me feel uncomfortable, fearful or rejected. It is how I have shown myself love, while at the same time hurting myself.

It took me years to become aware of the patterns of disfunction and disorder. And then a few more years to roll up my sleeves and stop searching for quick fixes and bandaids.

I started to do the hard work of looking underneath the surface of what was feeding my disorder and worked on building healthy sustainable habits focused on the internal (how I felt in my body) rather than the external (how much I weighed and my story around how others viewed me).

Overtime I let go of the shame around this part of my life and shared it openly with those that I love. The moment I dropped my shame story, I quickly learned that I was not alone and while the details of my disorder were unique to me, my recurring struggles were not.

Honestly and courage begets honesty and courage and so from that point forward we started talking about what we were going through in our personal journeys which gave us the opportunity to listen and help each other.

To this day, I still talk daily with these strong amazing individuals. We keep it real, we keep it honest and most importantly we help to carry each other through the good and the bad, reminding one another that we are perfect just as we are today, we are human, we are loved and we are deserving of the life that we desire.


There is always a sliver lining to any struggle. Something that it is meant to teach and some greater purpose that it is meant to shine a light on. My disorder is messy and ugly but out of it has come something beautiful. It has created a deep seeded passion and drive within me to never give up on myself and to always be looking for a more balanced free way of living, where taking care of myself is at the heart of every decision I make. It has also given me the courage to share in the hopes of connecting with and helping others on their journey. 

My unending inquiry and search for freedom, personal development and growth has led me to so many amazing individuals and opportunities to learn. It opened the door for me to be a part of a team that launched a corporate well-being initiative for over fifty thousand people at a Fortune 100 company, completing the Weight Watcher's leader training, becoming a certified 200 hour power yoga instructor  and a certified prenatal yoga instructor.


And then a year ago I had my first child which changed my life in more ways then I could have ever imagined. My daughter was a dream of mine for so many years and she has brought such love and happiness into our lives changing them forever.

After she arrived our old ways of living and taking care of ourselves like... spending hours leisurely grocery shopping, cooking, going to Weight Watchers meetings, taking yoga classes/trainings and working out for hours at the gym quickly became a luxury of the past. Time (specifically personal time) became the most limited and valued commodity in our house.

Once again I was sent to the drawing board to figure out how to take care of myself at a time when it felt impossible and also like the most important thing I could do for myself and my family. 


And that's when my best friend suggested that I look into joining a virtual community dedicated to uplifting and supporting one another. She talked me through their very simple formula which is a consistent practice of:

Personal Development + Portioned Clean Eating + Superfoods Daily + 30 Minute Workouts Daily + An Accountability Community + Mindful and Intentional Indulgences = A Healthy Balanced Life

And that's what brings us to today with my decision to coach. I am no expert, in fact one my favorite quotes and life mottos is and will forever be, “I’m old enough to know that I’m too young to know a thing.” But I do feel strongly that I have knowledge and experience (hell I'm in trenches with you) to share around health and wellness that can benefit others.

If nothing else I hope that people read what I write and feel less alone and more hopeful. And if you want to give it a shot and take a chance on yourself, I can promise you that if you are willing to put in the work and own your journey, I will be right there beside you supporting your success and helping you when life happens and you need a hand or maybe even a swift reality kick to get you back on track to living a big full healthy life. 

I look forward to hearing from you as I embark on this adventure!